Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Camera in Seattle

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Anonymous said...

am proud of looking on you guys after long time. You dont know me but I know some of you. and wht makes me proud typically is that listening the song "Egziabher yehabene lisane tibebe" when you are singing.

kesis, Bizuayehu, Efrem, Dr. neway, Mastewal, and all brothers and sisters: may God bless you and all your family and grow the kids with withdom.

and one another concern is most MK senior members are nowadays fleewing to America. ofcourse as any human being they should look for good living but how it is happening in this way and what will be its implication for young MK members and even for christanity worried me.

so dear Dn Efrem, if you write some description about the issue it will be helpfull to have a clear understanding on why it is happening.

my email adress is:-
PhD student
Oldenburg, Germany

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