Saturday, August 25, 2012


ከመ'ኤሌትሪክ በሩቅ እንሽሸው
በአንደበታችን አንነጋገረው
አታንሳው አታንሺው
ተዪው እንተወው
እንዳያዳምጠን ባለ ብዙ ጆሮው::

(23/3/1993 ዓ.ም፤ አዲስ አበባ)


Anonymous said...

As a poem I appreciate it. Why we become silent about poetics, it is one part of our life. So I don’t agree with ze idea.

Anonymous said...

ahun wechi selehonk yefelekewen malet techelaleh.

Ze-Nazareth said...

Yes in Ethiopia, where everything is full of Frustration.

Anonymous said...

The first Anono

Ephrem did not advise to be silent in Politics. He asked in poem. Have you seen the Qs mark(?????) at end of the verse?

Let us learn to read two times before writing ones.

Mesfinn said...

Just for the record, today is "poets' day" in UK. This particular poem is not poetic enough. I am not sure if viewers here are open for such comments, however, it was our tradition to read and comment on our trials. Isn't it lij ephrem? እስቲ አሁን ለአማርኛ ግጥም በእንግሊዝኛ አስተያየት መስጠትን ምን ይሉታል ብለህ ሌላ ግጥም እንዳትገጥም እንጂ! My gift of this day is "". I hope you and your readers will find this resource interesting. Sometimes I visit it to forget myself in the beautiful world of poets and poetry.

marta hunde said...

ewunete newu adamachu bezu newu wedaje lebe

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the site, man.

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