Friday, December 9, 2011

መልኬ ናፈቀኝ

(ኖቬምበር 16/2001፤ ድሬስደን፣ ጀርመን/ READ IN PDF)
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ መልኬ ነው መልኬ ነው፤
መልኬ ነው ናፍቆቴ ጥቁሩ የቀይ ዳማን
ጠይም አሳ መሳይ ብስ ቀይ በርበሬን፣
ቸኮሌት መልክ ያለው የበሰለ ወይን፣
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ መልኬ ነው መልኬ ነው።

ክርድድ ለ ፀጉር ልስልስ ያለ ሉጫ፣
ወተት መሳ ጥርሶች፣
ቅልስልስ አንገቶች፣
የሚስቁ ዓይኖች፣
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ መልኬ ነው መልኬ ነው።

ደርባባ ቁመና ደርባባ አረማመድ፣
ደርዝ ያለው ፈገግታ ጥዑም አነጋገር፣
አፋራም እህቶች፣
ጎምላላ ወንድሞች፣
ቁምነገር አዋቂ የጨዋታ አባቶች፣
ቤተ መቅደስ ሳሚ ቆራቢ እናቶች፣
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ መልኬ ነው መልኬ ነው።

ነጭ የሕዝብ ባሕር ከሰለጠነበት፣
የነፍስ ብቸኝነት ግዘፍ ከነሣበት፣
ከዚህኛው ሕይወት፣
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ ያነኛው ድህነት፣
የነፍሴ ጓዶቼ የሚፏልሉበት፣
እኔስ የናፈቀኝ መልኬ ነው መልኬ ነው።

ሰው ነፍስና ሥጋ ሰው ውኃ ሰው አየር፣
ሰው እሳት ሰው አፈር፣
ሆኖ የሚኖርበት፣
መልክ ገጽ አካሌ የተቀረጸበት፣
ያኛው ቀዬ መንደር፣
ያኛው አገር ሰፈር፣
ው ሕይወቴ፣
እሱ ነው ናፍቆቴ።


Anonymous said...

Girum Gitim!

Anonymous said...

Dn Ephrem...arif gitim new

Anonymous said...

Egzeabher aglgelotiken yibark amen

Anonymous said...

Nice, ahun tolo tolo post iyarek new.

Abes Feleke said...

You just said it, that is I always think as an Ethiopian. That is what I missed, especially going to church is the number one thing from my list, as I live where Ethiopian church is too far to go every Sunday mornings. I like every line of your poem.

What I always amazed me is that We are not treated as equal as the natives in foreign countries and when we go back to our country also we are not respected as real Ethiopians. It is really strange and confusing.

Anyway, everything happens for a reason. God has plan for every little move of ours, we are totally in control of God.

God bless Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

arif eyeta bezihu ketilibet yawatal!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

great!!! Touched me where I feel most!!!

Anonymous said...

I Love it. Its my first time writing. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

GREAT!God Bless You

Addis Bezuwork said...

Great, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia may sell the Arc of the Covenant

ሰጠችኝ ማርያም said...

እውነትህን ዲያቆን ኤፍሬም

Anonymous said...

I try to follow your blog Efrem,i did not read what i expect from you i am sorry to say that.
unfortunately i want to say it. In this information era ther are alot of possibilitis to have general knowlege and fun.For ethiopians this not time for fun.i know you have talent to wright and teache. Ethiopia is in a big problem try to lesson and open you eyes please please.

Ephrem E said...

Thank you. I will do my best.