Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"ዛሬ መስቀል ከበረ፤ መስቀል ዛሬ ተከበረ" (His Grace Abune Gorgoreyos of Shewa)

Ethiopian Church Meskel day

Short but historic TEMEHERT by the late (His Grace) Abune Gorgoreyos of Shewa.


Anonymous said...

Would you please try to show us more videos which shows the teachings of this holy father.

I really appreciate is somebody post it.

Thanks you for this post

Anonymous said...

እግዚብሔር ይስጥልኝ ዲ/ን! ከየት አመጣኸው……በሕይወቴ የእርሳቸውን ትምህርት /ድምጽ ለመስማት እመኝ ነበር….ዛሬ በመስማቴ እጅጉን ተደሰትሁ!!!!!!!