Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia"

History 101: Fiction and Facts on Oromos of Ethiopia

(a guide for foreign journalists on Oromos and Ethiopian history)
By Prof. Feqadu Lamessa for
oromiamapJuly 29, 2013, ADAMA, Ethiopia (Salem-News) – Recently, the Qatar-based media al Jazeera has published several articles concerning the Oromo people of Ethiopia. It is the first international media outlet to extensively report on our people and it should be praised for bringing our cause to the world stage.
One of the benefits of this exposure is it forces Ethiopian authorities to address human rights abuses in the country and to let them know that the world is watching. Oromos and other Ethiopians have been struggling for equal rights and democracy for decades. While it is important to report about Oromo people’ background and historical perspectives, it is however vital that we report accurate information. Instead of benefiting us, reporting inaccurate or biased information can actually harm our struggle for democracy. Instead of creating national consensus and peace, it can instigate bitterness and anger.